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Hey lovelies. It's Fawn, and I, too, am bringing a new Potential into Nowish. Many of you are already familiar with my Isabella, aka Izzy, played by the molto bella Katherine Heigl. But here is here background, as well as her revamped storyline to make her fit Nowish. ;)

Blue like the winter snow in the full moon...Collapse )

So that's my Izzy for you. Outside of the canon world, this character is the nearest and dearest to my heart. She started out as just a reason for me to get to play a character played by Katherine Heigl, and explore some aspects of the Catholic faith, in a time when I was really needing to. She ended up being my most developed OC character ever, and whereas I started her out in one game, once I had her, and fell in love with her, and started getting people hooked on her, I made a decision to only ever bring her into a very, very special, established, wonderful game, such as this. So, be good to her!

I will be bringing her in either tonight, or if not, definitely this weekend. You'll have to excuse my slowness of posting, but they just changed all of my medications, increased them, and added some, so I have been zombie girl, and it's been hard for me to post some evenings, so it may have to wait until either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

If you would like to scene with her (or Tara or Dawn) let me know!!!

Also, I've never really established who Isabella's father is, or what he is, what ties he has, etc. So if I come up with something interesting, and the Mods That Be approve, look for that. ;)

And, yours chars may feel free to call her Iz, Izzy, Isabella, Bella, whatev.

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Casting Changes and other info!

Due to some RL stuff, both Sara & Sheena will be stepping down as Lorne & Gwen. We appreciate all the efforts they've made in the months they've been here to this comm!

(No, Lorne & Gwen won't die! *L*)

Actually, once Shang-Da's nightclub re-opens - giving the poor kids a much-needed place to hang out, relax, and have fun away from prying eyes, we will be moving Lorne & Gwen over there to "run" the business. They will be NPCs that anyone may feel free to use and move about!

Help me in congratulating Jessie A on being a new aunt! *hugs her* That's fabulous, and we're all excited for you!!! <333

We're slowly updating the website bit by bit, but drop us a note at if there are banners, awards, colorbars, layouts, etc that we've been hosting and you need the new URL for, please! (Or just post here, whichever!) Eric will work on the new claims banners for nowish_claims (if there's anyone else who wants to, claim away!) And GAH, sorry no update done, lots of doc appointments for me lately, but as you can see we're moving into the next story arc! A new potential has joined us, and Spike & Dru are on their way to cause trouble!

Be ready for major happenings after they complete their "mission" - yes, this means every character!

Thanks again to everyone, keep up the good work, and next month - AGW! Don't forget to email us your new banner submissions!!!

Love, Jo
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One Down...

Well it has happened, and trust me it was one of the hardest things I have had to write... *so far*
(winces for Andi).

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your own little part with Anya as she moved into this game.

Eric and Jo - You gave me a shot at her. I had never played Anya and like most of the Anya's out ther I started off with a bunch of posts about money and sex. However after time I got more comfortable and you let me take her character where I wanted. There was never a doubt from you that I couldn't pull it off and I appreciate that.

Tara - Goodness how much I loved the whole Kennedy/Anya bickering. The whole moment when I had Andi drag Kennedy off in the middle of Anya bragging about "getting Sexy" with Willow?? Hilarious!!

Amy - The body swap was memorable to say the least. Cordy with small Anya shaped boobs just killed me. Plus the advice she gave Anya about Xander was heard, trust me.

Eric - Getting drunk with Gunn was definitely an adventure.

Kate - Even though you aren't here, your Andrew was definitely a good friend to my Anya, and the fun I had granting wishes for him during AGW I will never forget... sorry you can't comment but hit me on aim ;)

Brian - Again, not here anymore, but Groo was definitely someone that Anya should have gotten to know better. They would have had a lot of fun talking very literally to each other.

Anne - Goodness... the wish that finished her. Not only did you make her exit hard to post, your own comment toward her end was so raw and real. I always enjoy writing off of your characters and this was no exception. (also coffee with Kate was nice too, a moment of normalcy before the end)

Robert - Ahh, my Xander here. You wanted them back together and we worked so hard for that moment to happen, and when it did I was really glad that it had. It didn't feel forced or something that shouldn't have happened. In another world they could have been very happy.


To anyone else that spent the time to read my posts, or IM me with laughter or tears I appreciated it all, and Megs my support for posting that up, I am glad you were there while I did it.

I an only imagine that posting this for Andi will be harder, but I will tackle that when I get to it.

Thanks to everyone for making my Anya's path so amazing while she was here.

- Christina
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Big Goings On

Well, since I'm feeling pretty good, it's time to get back in the RP and mod saddle.

First off, there's a very big round of applause due to Christina, for the amazing and tear-jerking Anya post. Like the rest of the writing she's done here in the last 11-some months, it was fabulous. Thanks for the great close to Anya's story (as far as we know *L*)

Second, like I said, it's been nearly a year since we opened our doors-- the official anniversary will be June 8th-- and so it's time to talk about what we've got in store for the big event. Yes, we're going to have Anything Goes Week once more, probably June 8 through June 15. We know a lot of you have been looking forward to that for six months already. ^_^

Another thing we'd like to do? A little updating. The banner that (used to) adorn the info page (and will again by this weekend) was designed at the very beginning of the story. A lot has happened, and a lot is still in store, so we'd like to do something new. And, we'd like you to do it.

So, here's how it'll work. Graphics peoples, have at it, and we'd love for you to collaborate with our other, non-graphicky but very creative writers to come up with ideas. The more people involved, the better. Submit as many banners as you'd like, email them right to (nobody gets to peek but us) before June 1st. Then, there'll be a 'secret ballot' vote by all the members in the game, and the chosen one will go on to decorate the info page.

Have fun!

Oh, and one more thing-- we've been at the pretty good pace of 1 new post per day, average, so keep posting! We know there's a couple of folks who're unable to, but we also know there's plenty who can! ^_^
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And our winner is...

Congrats to the winner of "Best Thread" for April! As I said, it was only by one vote, so every vote counts! Now, let's give a round of applause to...

For the moving thread where Cordy & Fred apologize to Wes and their friendship is renewed!!!
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Congrats & FYI....

Robert is moving and will be pretty much computerless (unless he sneaks online at work *L*) until sometime after his move and getting DSL all set up. If there's anyone else we should know about (besides Winnie), please post here! :)

Don't forget, voting for our comm award will end tonight! It's very close, and a few people still haven't voted yet! *cough* Amy Sheena *cough* *puts on Amy's halo*

Lastly, congrats to both Anne & Megs for some awards they were nominated for a long time ago and *just* now got a banner!!!

Anne for "Best Lilah", from slayerchoiceaim

Megs for "Best White Witch Willow" (Season 7), from josscars_weekly

Congrats to you both, and of course, congrats to everyone here period! We all enjoy our little family of great writers!!!

Love, Jo
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Not sure.

I wasn't sure about this, but I thought I'd say something anyways. If you guys prefer song-posts to go behind a cut, just let me know and I'll throw one on. I'm sorry for how long it took me to get this up.
inxsomniax - savingtheworld

The sun has set...

... make way for the vamps. *L*

Jessie & Dan, feel free to post Connor, Kyle, and Darla now! Everyone else, feel free to let your characters sleep if you want, or if your thread isn't complete, just be aware the sun is gone (like um... poor Anne & Kate going to the shelter for the kids!)

Speaking of, once Anne & Kate return, Celeste will be joining the group as well as... someone else. (HA! That's all I'll say for now! *wink*)

Thank you to everyone who let us know if they were having RL stuff that's affecting posting, BTW. It's all we ask for - let us know! :)

Amy did a bunch of claims at nowish_claims, and everyone else, don't be shy! Jessie, your banner for canibeanne is done!

Lastly, don't forget to vote!!! Go HERE and vote - it's really really close!
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