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First off, a thanks for the patience shown in waiting for this particular announcement. As has always been the policy at Nowish, real life concerns have always superseded the online world (and our 'real life concerns' have consisted of constant doctor visits, twice-weekly pilgrimages to Babies 'R Us and lots of work on Dad's end and much-needed rest on Mom's).

After our original post regarding the next big transition for Apocalypse Nowish, we received a good deal of feedback from the entire cast. Solid, valid points were raised, and we as the mods discussed these ideas with careful consideration. Every voice that was heard was listened to and no suggestion was ignored or discarded out of hand. After a good deal of discussion, changes have been made to the previously announced plans which we believe encompass the necessary accommodations.

As of this writing, there will be three more posts in Nowish which will serve to finish up the current storyline, prior to the beginning of the planned battle.

Once those posts have gone up, the community of Apocalypse Nowish will officially close.

It is our opinion as moderators and creators of the community that Apocalypse Nowish has, in the past fourteen months, taken its initial premise and expanded further, faster and in a grander way than anyone could ever have predicted. With the magnitude of the planned transition, we came to the conclusion that the time had come to embrace change on all fronts, and leave Apocalypse Nowish itself as a testament to the creative power of the writers who drove, energized and revolutionized it.

The story of the remaining canon characters, though, will continue in a new community. This new community, story-wise, will take advantage of the Window of Orlon spell to "restart" history, eliminating the existence of the other "lost" characters who will not be moving on from their memories and histories.

No mention will ever be made, in either community, of the fate of those "lost" characters. Whether they perish in the battle, escape the dimensional transport to Pylea, or whatever, is not a detail that will be touched upon by ourselves or any writers. This loss will be, and will remain, an unsolved mystery in the new community for the foreseeable future.

Apocalypse Nowish, the community, will not be deleted, so that a record remains of the excellent work done here, though the membership will be reduced down to the maintainers.

We as the mods would like one more time to recognize the unique and definite contributions that have been made by everyone who wrote in Apocalypse Nowish. A very special thank you and round of applause is deserved by the true stalwarts who made it through a year, or more, or nearly, giving of their talent and their dedication, and doing it all without a complaint or special accommodations.

To everyone we will be seeing in the new community, we look forward to continuing this unique and amazing journey with you. To everyone who will not be continuing-- most of you we will still be seeing and enjoying your company in other games, and we do hope that this is not the last we will hear of other fine companions with whom who can share the Nowish experience.

Best of luck to you all, and thank you for this amazing time.

-The Apocalypse Nowish Moderators: Eric, Jo & Megs
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