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Time for another meeting!

Okay, so there's been some wonderful and amazing character-driven work here in Nowish over the last few months, but as some of you know, the next big battle will soon be upon us. And so, there's lots of important information that needs to get passed around in the Hyperion. That means it's time for another big AIM (or YIM, depending on which one is working better) meeting!

After talking around to a number of players, we're setting the time and date for this Saturday (2nd of July), at 9:00 PM Pacific Time. Hopefully, this should work for most folks, and we promise that we'll try and keep things quick and lively, so that our East Coast (and later) friends won't be up way too late. Jo and I should also open up the chat early so that people can check in with last-minute plot questions or whatever.

So, please reply to this post if you can make the chat, or if you're not available. If you can't make it, we'll work something out.
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