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Happy Anniversary!!

Well, folks, they said it wouldn't last, but here we are. The 8th of June will officially mark Apocalypse Nowish's one-year anniversary. We're all veterans enough of the LJ RPG world to know just how many communities get to mark this monumentous occasion, and how rarely with so many original players and with a storyline that we consider to still be strong and interesting.

Hoopla will come soon enough, of course, but what we're all waiting for is the next Anything Goes Week, right? So here's the when of it, and a refresher course on the how it all works.

AGW begins-- 12:00 midnight Eastern, the evening of June 8 (meaning Wednesday night)
AGW ends-- 12:00 midnight Pacific, the evening of June 15 (also Wednesday night)

Just like before, there will be a post marking the beginning, and then another marking the end of the AGW posts. For the duration of that time, anyone who is an active player in Nowish can have any of their other characters (Jossverse or otherwise) joined to the community. There's no restriction on what characters, or on what they can do (subject to the approval of anyone you play with, of course), and the storyline is completely on hold until the end of AGW.

For the duration, Nowish will be rated NC-17, without restriction, but please keep anything graphic under an LJ cut.

Give us a yell if there are characters you'd like joined to the comm!

Have a blast!!

-Eric and Jo.
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