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Okay, now we're getting somewhere.

All right, so we've come to a decision regarding how Andi's death will be handled in the storyline.

The posts as currently up will stand, meaning that the character will have expired in the room, suddenly and quietly. We have not gone back on our previous intentions as stated, which were that the character's death would be approached in the manner most beneficial to the storyline as a whole and to the greatest number of writers. It was a very well-written, exceptionally creative email from one of the players, in which such a death was shown as could be handled in an intriguing and fresh way for the game, that primarily influenced our decision to go ahead with this version of the death.

The rules haven't changed. Mod discussion and approval is intended to make sure that storyline ideas are as suitable and positive for the game and the players, something we trust our players understand.

That said and done, let's all get on with the story.

And remember, our anniversary is coming up in just ONE WEEK, which means AGW will go from Midnight, Eastern on the 8th of June to Midnight, Pacific on the 15th of June! We can't wait to see what you all come up with this time around!
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