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You think you'll never have to...

But then the time comes, and as a Mod, you have to write a post like this one. And if you think the 'get off your butts and post more' ones are unpleasant for me, that's nothing.

First off, I want to call everyone's attention to the following changes in the community rules, which now read:

Major game/story ideas must be discussed with the mods - this includes making substantial changes physically or mentally to a character, killing a character, etc. Basically, anything that affects the game and story must be discussed and approved. Any major game/story idea that involves another character should be talked over with the person playing that character as well.

This has always been the spirit of the rules here at Nowish, and has been something that with only a few exceptions, has been graciously adhered to by the writers here. Unfortunately, events now necesitate making this rule explicit and concrete.

That said, as far as the story of Apocalypse Nowish is concerned (and therefore, as far as your characters are concerned), the character of Andi Parker is still alive and well, albeit unconscious for the moment. Although attempts were made to resolve this character's fate to the satisfaction of both the mods and the player, circumstances dictate that the character be treated as an NPC until such time as the plotline has been played out in the best interest of all of the writers, the game and the storyline as a whole.

If you have questions or concerns, please email the mods at apocalypse_nowish@dreadmachine.com or find us on AIM at big_pile_o_dust or xDark Wesleyx. Comments to this post have been disabled.
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